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Introducing the O.C.D. Wallet with not only a money clip that can accommodate 18 bills, but also a pocket for daily receipts, a valet ticket and checks to cash. Enough room for 6 credit cards, 6 business cards and designated ID card slot, you really will use this wallet effortlessly. 

O.C.D. Wallet with not only a money clip that can accommodate 18 bills
O.C.D. Wallet for Amazon
You know a wallet is great when you've never lost it!
Jaleel White, Actor, Writer, Father
OCD Wallet- Black
OCD Wallet- Full Color Spectrum Slim

"Love this wallet! It doesn't just help with having cards, cash, license, organized in their proper slots, but the tip card that comes with the wallet is invaluable. It helps you slim down your wallet and offers tips to consolidate business cards as well as membership cards. Wow! What a great concept!"

~ Phil Berman, Full Time Chocolatier CBS News

"You know a wallet is great when you've never lost it!"

~ Jaleel White, Actor, Writer, Father

"This wallet has exceeded my expectations in comfort, convenience, and security. In particular, I like the clear open display for my driver's license. It reinforced the concept that I don't need to carry 8 credit cards. I also like the security of knowing my credit cards are secure with the RFID protection. Electronic pick-pocketing no longer a concern. I give the O.C.D. wallet 5 stars."

~ Bob Gray, Entrepreneur, Father

"I went to the O.C.D. wallet in 2015, and haven't looked back. One of the easiest and most effective weight-loss programs on the market today. I was surprised and delighted with the change. If it ever wears out, I'll definitely buy another one."

~ Michael Lane

"This wallet has made things much easier for me. My wallet was too thick and uncomfortable, I would constantly have to take it out of my back pocket (where I primarily kept it) if I went to sit down, drive, etc. I also carried it in my front pocket when I was in crowded areas, which was very uncomfortable. I had way too many things in my wallet - receipts, coupons, etc... things I didn't need to keep on my person ALL the time. This wallet doesn't LET me carry anything more than I need, which is nice, and it fits comfortably in my front pocket. No need to worry about sitting on it, getting pick-pocketed in crowded areas, etc. I definitely recommend it for anyone and everyone... great gift for holidays, Father's Day, birthdays, you name it!"

~ David Moses

"Became OBSESSED with this wallet the minute I saw my manager pull it out when we had brunch one day and it was time to pay the check. I was like I MUST get that for me and then of course my guy for his birthday. He had a wallet with a money clip on the outside and it just looked so clunky and I knew this would be the perfect gift for him. I also appreciated that it came with a tip card that had amazing tips to consolidate business cards, reconcile receipts, reduce credit cards and scan membership cards. I just LOVE it and can't wait for O.C.D. to come out with a purse and make-up bag line!"

~ Manouschka Guerrier, Chef, Host

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