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Justin Klosky CEO of professional organizing company Organize Create Discipline the O.C.D. Experience


From Obsessive to Organized: Transforming Struggle into Transforming Lives

I'm Justin Klosky, Founder and CEO of Organize & Create Discipline (O.C.D.) Although I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) as a child, it wasn’t until my 20s that I discovered ways to channel my OCD as an asset rather than a liability. The new paradigm I created for living did more than rescue me from myself, it provided a foundational blueprint for any person wanting to transform or optimize their life. It was from that blueprint “Organize & Create Discipline” was formed in 2008 — offering customized organizing systems to bring clarity, order, control, creativity, peace, and efficiency into people's lives. 


Alongside my dedicated team, we were a first mover in professional organizing by offering both physical and digital organizing consulting to elevate clients and businesses globally. Back then, when digital organizing was a novel idea, I foresaw the impact it presented and was quick to embrace it as part of a  holistic solution tailored to our clients' needs. My view on the vital role digital organizing plays has only accelerated in the post-COVID era. Consciously or unconsciously, we’re affected by the blurred boundaries created by our digital footsteps shaping our physical paths.


The business of OCD began its rise after completing my education at NYU's Tisch School and gaining experience at a prestigious talent agency and CBS Daytime drama, The Guiding Light. It was during this time I began lending my organizing talents to friends in the spirit of being helpful and quickly evolved into being referred to others and my network grew into serving an array of clients, including well-known figures like Bryce Dallas Howard, Kim Kardashian West, Sharon & Jack Osbourne, Paul and Laurie Feig, Topher Grace, Katee Sackhoff, and many others.


Over the years, my reputation has awarded me opportunities as the in-house Organizational Expert on The Talk!, frequent appearances on Anderson Cooper's national daytime show, Anderson and I've become a trusted voice on various national talk shows, home-focused series, radio programs, and print media.


Notably, I've led national campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as Lysol, Storquest, and Dell Technologies, providing expert advice on home and company organization, efficiency practices, and technology implementation. My television appearances have spanned The Talk, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Doctors, Anderson Cooper, and many more platforms. Additionally, I hold multiple design patents for innovative organizational and lifestyle products including the O.C.D. Wallet ( and authored the book "Organize & Create Discipline: An A-Z Guide to an Organized Existence," published by Penguin Random House.


Organize & Create Discipline, after 15 years, is still one of the leading professional organizing businesses. From our brand new digital organization sessions for everyone, we continue to specialize in full-service MOVES from beginning to end, reorganizing and rebuilding CLOSETS, complete GARAGE/ATTIC organization overhauls, STORAGE organization and inventorying, and DECLUTTERING any space in your life, we have your back.  

If you are open to making a change in your life and you are ready to invite a professional organizer into your space to accomplish that, then we will be able to guide you into creating organizational systems that will last and work!


Trust in our process, our reputation, and our proven O.C.D. (Organize & Create Discipline) systems.


At O.C.D. Experience®, we provide everything necessary to get you organized & solve your organization's needs as well as equip you for future success. We provide our clients with the guidance, tools, and resources needed to establish and maintain an organized household, office, and/or mindset. We have O.C.D. Team Members located in Los Angeles, New York & Miami and are available to work with you personally or to service all-size business operations on a retainer basis.


If you prefer a separate consultation we are always happy to provide that to you at an hourly rate. If you decide to work us, your consultation will be refunded! Once the organizational assessment is complete, we jump right in. We help you decide where you would like to begin, help guide you in making the right decisions for your space and start to work with you to recreate your space for what you truly want it to be.


At O.C.D. Experience®, we provide everything necessary to get you organized & solve your organization's needs as well as equip you for future success. We provide our clients with the guidance, tools, and resources needed to establish and maintain an organized household, office, and/or mindset. We have O.C.D. Team Members located in Los Angeles, New York & Miami and are available to work with you personally or to service all-size business operations on a retainer basis.

No client is the same, which is why all of our professional organizers are prepared to work in any type of environment. The principles and techniques developed by O.C.D. Founder & CEO Justin Klosky can be applied to any circumstance or space, and the O.C.D. team is ready to provide unique organizational solutions for your needs. We've seen it all, and we are not here to judge, but to help! We are here to help you find clarity in your space, your mind, and your life, and there is no time or room for judgment. We are here to help you get organized!

We will leave you with an organized space, which has been created with you and by our O.C.D. team. As new systems and organization begin to take root, we teach you the discipline on how to maintain the organization systems.


How does an O.C.D. professional organizer differ from the competition? 

As defined by The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), “a professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills. Professional Organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life.” What we do differently at Organize & Create Discipline is take the organization processes a step further by not only creating the order WITH you but then teaching you how to maintain an organized lifestyle and mindset after we leave through organizational DISCIPLINE. If you’re looking for a company to come in and make things look pretty this is a small focus for us at the start. We are about streamlining your life and making things functional around you THEN will figure out how it can look pretty!


What areas do you service?

We service mainly the Los Angeles area but have traveled all around the country and world providing our services.


At-home consultation vs phone consultation?

We have learned that you dive right in or you understand the temperature of the water before jumping, this is why we have eliminated the at-home consultation and jump right in with you on day one. We prefer a quick phone chat with some photos to discuss the project prior to our arrival and then get right to work when we get to your place. If you’re interested at home consultation we do charge for our time, but once you solidify service we credit that time back to you.


How do I schedule a session?

You can call 424-245-0525 or email to schedule your session. We have found that nothing can truly be accomplished in under 4 hours so our O.C.D. organizing sessions begin at 4 hours and then are prorated hourly up to 8 hours in a working day.


What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?       

Life happens and schedules change and we understand that. We accept cancellations/scheduling changes without penalty 48 hours in advance. 


How do you charge?

Organizing services are charged by session or project with a 4-hour minimum per session. Please call for more information regarding pricing.


How do you know where to start?

We start where you need the help most. Once we walk in your door we will do a thorough walk-through of your space with you to determine the goals, expectations, and timeline. The beginning can seem overwhelming, but that is why we are there with you.


What can I expect during an organizing session?

You can expect what you are willing to give, of yourself and of your space. If you want to change you will get change and in each session, you will find clarity through Organize & Create Discipline. As a professional organizing company servicing clients all around the world, we have found that each session is unique to the client, but one thing that is consistent is that if you set goals with us those goals will be accomplished before our departure.


Will I have to throw all my stuff away?

Of course not. Getting organized isn’t about getting rid of things, but getting rid of things allows you to really decide what is important in your life. Throwing things away can be a part of the process, but isn’t necessary. As you dive deeper into organizational bliss you will start making decisions that impact your surroundings and then have a direct connection with your belongings. Having trash bags on-site will be important as you continue the process of getting organized you will want to purge, donate and make room for new.


Do you design closets?

We at the O.C.D. Experience provides you with organizational consultations for your closets. We work directly with our O.C.D. closet specialist that can build you all shapes, sizes, and functionalities, of any closet that you like. Our partners are vital to creating a full-service experience for you. 


Do I have to be home?

Nope. Although it is important for us to meet you before we enter your home and once trust has been established, you can feel free to do whatever you need to do while we do what we do best. It is important that we spend a small amount of time with you to go through your belongings prior to us organizing.


Can two be better than one?

Having two Organize & Create Discipline Team Members on-site can increase productivity and efficiency and save you time in the organizational process. We always suggest having at least 2 O.C.D. Team Members for moves and larger jobs. One person will work closely with you helping you make decisions on your belongings while the other handles donation items, hanging clothes, packing boxes, and many of the other tasks that need to be done in the process. Organizational work can be overwhelming and very time-consuming, which is why having multiple organizers on-site can benefit everyone.

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