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Bryce Dallas Howard, Actor, Producer, Writer, Mother & Director


"Justin Klosky has created an extraordinary business with the O.C.D. Experience and Organize & Create Discipline. Because I travel so often, it is very important to me that when I return home I feel a sense of serenity and order. This is accomplished through organization. Additionally, I run a company out of my home office so it is essential to me that my home be organized in such a way that will support my work.


Justin has countless 'organizing tips' for how to synchronize a home and business more effectively, and yet, is completely collaborative with what my specific habits and needs may require. He is fast, incredibly fast, and did the majority of his organization while my husband and I were out of town. What a treat to return home to a sanctuary of organization and beauty. Justin is a tremendous businessman, who runs his company with integrity and mindfulness, but he is also an artist who intuitively applies his creative sensibilities to every aspect of a project.


For example, I could imagine that with a 'move,' Justin would execute an airtight delivery system, but then organize and assemble the home with the sensibility of a designer. I wholeheartedly recommend Organize & Create Discipline (O.C.D.) for any level of professional organizational support that someone may require. I cannot imagine a scenario where they would not rise to the occasion."

Kim Kardashian testimonial for Organize Create Discipline professional organizing in Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian West, Television Personality, Entrepreneur & Mother

"O.C.D. Experience came up with a brand new system for my inventory that had never been used before. Justin and his team went out of their way to work with me and my team to create the best system that worked perfectly with my hectic lifestyle. It’s a completely customized way of keeping track of my clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. It’s amazing how easy I can track down any specific item I need at any given time!"

Paul Feig working with professional organizing company Organize Create Discipline

Paul Feig, Writer, Director, Producer

"Big shout out to O.C.D. Experience that did the impossible and organized my garage and closets. He deserves a Nobel."

Sharon Osbourne, TV Host, Manager, Producer & Mother

"Justin organized my house and I came home and I thought I was in the wrong house. He is so fantastic! Amazing!"

Sharon Osbourne working with professional organizing company Organize Create Discipline

Jaleel White, Actor, Writer & Father

"If you’re anything like me, I have great difficulty being creative when my desk and my life are filled with clutter. Being an artist and busy father, I very rarely have total foreseeable control of my daily schedule.  And this can cause a lot of camera pics, emails, business cards, and Post-Its to pile up on a weekly basis.  Justin and his O.C.D. Experience takes the normally exhausting task of organizing your digital assets and simplifies it.  But thanks to Justin’s methods I’m able to stay on top of my business, my personal life, and my family obligations with ease."

Julie Chen working with professional organizing company Organize Create Discipline

Julie Chen, Television Personality, News Anchor, CBS Producer & Mother

"Justin Klosky and his O.C.D. Experience has changed the way my family and I live! We love how he has organized our closets and our home, and most importantly taught us how to not let clutter pile up and take over our life and space."

BD Wong, Actor & Director

BD Wong working with professional organizing company Organize Create Discipline

"I guess my feelings about the whole O.C.D. Experience falls into a couple of categories. First, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who felt that incredible peace of mind as things started falling into place in my home, and how surprising and simple it can be to discover that getting the objects in one's life into the right places can activate that serenity in their life on a larger scale than in just their apartment. AND of course, I'm feeling that as all the stuff gets set right, my life just feels more right, and it makes me want to keep following the impulse to find a place for every last thing so that I can keep enjoying this growing sense of peace of mind, productivity and potential.

But secondly, the fact that you're such a positive, easygoing soul really enhances this for me, and I'm sure for your other clients. You refuse to judge, and you have this freakishly unique gift for streamlining, and always genuinely take great pride in the end result. So it's really so much more than the fantastic end result. It's just as much about enjoying a hassle-free, secure-feeling, professional PROCESS, that makes moving toward the peace of mind in that end result even more satisfying.

People should know that they will feel like you are taking care of them, that you use your gifts to enhance their lives, and that you will actually enjoy taking them on the journey."

"I hired Justin for a family member of mine.  The job had many different components, in a town that he wasn't familiar with, and I was skeptical that he could get everything done on a tight schedule.  Luckily, I was wrong.


Not only did Justin finish the job early but he coordinated the town's garbage disposal and Goodwill services to collect what was, LITERALLY, 1.2 tons of waste.  More importantly, he was a gentle but firm guide with my family member.  Justin's upbeat and kind attitude does not interfere with his mission but rather helps people see a faster, more efficient path to the solution.


I would recommend Justin and the O.C.D. Experience to anyone who is dealing with not only the physical difficulties but also the psychology of getting organized."

Topher Grace, Actor, Producer, Writer & Father

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