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O.C.D. Inventory Closet App- Wide Small.


the O.C.D. Wallet, minimalistic wallet slim


Organize & Create Discipline guide to an organized existence

O.C.D. A-to-Z Guide



O.C.D. Inventory Closet App- Wide Small.

Did you know that the average person spends 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced belongings and that the United States, collectively, spends $2.7 billion dollars annually replacing lost items?!


By accurately assessing your belongings with the O.C.D. App, you will save time and energy knowing what you have, where you have it, in real-time. Imagine every item in your life/inventory and all the details associated with the item being easily searchable and accessible.

The O.C.D. App will help users find their item's location, know the status of the item, where it last was, the price paid, current appraisal, who checked it out last while being able to view multiple inventories shared by other users across the platform. 

The App will assist you in receiving insurance coverage on items with receipts and proof of ownership directly in App through our summary report.  Take notes within the item details page for real-time reference and collaboration with your team.

get and stay organized with our software

Create unique digital items that represent every detail of your belongings, in pre-loaded categories derived from on-site work by the O.C.D. Experience - Organize & Create Discipline team. 

Find, print, and share any items by Brand, Category, Color, Location, Material, and Size. Sort your inventory by item name, item number, size, or recently added. 

Check items in and out, generate summary reports to assist insurance companies; as well as print item detail sheets, hanger tags, and QR codes associated with any item. 

For more information on the O.C.D. Inventory App, please feel free to reach out to us as we would be happy to schedule a walk-through of our software and answer any questions on how this would benefit you, your family, your estate manager, or your business.


Introducing the O.C.D. Wallet with not only a money clip that can accommodate 18 bills, but also a pocket for daily receipts, a valet ticket and checks to cash. Enough room for 6 credit cards, 6 business cards and designated ID card slot, you really will use this wallet effortlessly. 

hand holding the O.C.D. Wallet
O.C.D. Wallet
slim O.C.D. wallet
all colors for the original O.C.D. wallet

Organize & Create Discipline: An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence, written by Justin Klosky, Founder & CEO of O.C.D. Experience® and Organize & Create Discipline® is available to purchase from Penguin Random House, Barnes & Noble,, and iBooks.


Organize & Create Discipline
an A- to- Z Guide to an Organized Existence

Organize & Create Discipline
an A- to- Z Guide to an Organized Existence

As a child, Justin Klosky loved to count, analyze, and categorize everything in sight. Eventually diagnosed with OCD, he found ways to tap the benefits of his condition rather than see it as debilitating. Today's he's founded a successful firm, the O.C.D. Experience®, building on his principles of Organize & Create Discipline® to help clients gain control of their lives through time management skills, getting rid of clutter, simplifying their habits, and rethinking storage solutions, and teaches them the discipline needed to maintain their serene new sense of order.

Carefully organized into more than 300 A-to-Z categories, Organize & Create Discipline brings organization to everything from laundry to legal documents, shoes, toys, kitchen drawers, sex toys, overflowing email inboxes and dozens of other sources of daily detritus. Justin's unique advice yields peace of mind and radically improved productivity. Having achieved stellar results with Bryce Dallas Howard, Julie Chen, the Osbournes, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Justin Klosky now makes his unrivaled techniques available to all.​

Peter Walsh testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing
Julie Chen testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book
ashley parrish testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book
Jason Feifer testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book
hayley barna testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book
Maxwell Ryan testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book
Suzanne Johnson testimonial about organize create discipline professional organizing book

"Organize & Create Discipline is a great blueprint for getting your home and your life in order. From A to Z Justin has nailed it!"

~ Peter Walsh, Clutter Expert

"Justin's talent and passion for organizing is unparalleled. He literally makes life easier for you! He was born to help us organize!"

~ Julie Chen, TV Personality, News Anchor, Producer

"It's choose-your-own-adventure for organization."

~ Ashley Parrish, CDO of DuJour

"This book is hard to read - because every page will inspire you to set it down and go fix up another part of your life."

~ Jason Feifer, Senior Editor of Fast Company


"As an expert on the potential clutter of a makeup drawer, I can confirm Justin's book knows how to effectively handle that chaos as well as many other organizational danger zones. What I love most about the O.C.D. system is that it not only tells you how to organize, but also how to avoid the mess in the first place. Genius!"

~ Hayley Barna, Co-Founder of Birchbox

"Organize and Create Discipline, now that's my style! I'm a Packer, not a 'pack rat'!"

~ Ryan Pickett, Nose Tackle for Green Bay Packers

"Justin organized my life so it's a thrill to find out just how he organized his own. He knows of what he speaks. Listen to this man!"

~ Paul Feig, Director, Writer, Producer


"Justin's incredible story is compelling and unique. He's turned a deficit into a strength and has become an invaluable asset at Apartment Therapy. Run, don't walk, to read this book."

~ Maxwell Ryan, Founder of Apartment Therapy



"O.C.D. is a friendly, personal service that really helps you get settled into a new town. Thank you O.C.D."

~ Ed Westwick, Actor


"O.C.D. is the most comprehensive, easy-to-navigate self-help book you'll find."

~ Jessica Radloff, Entertainment Journalist


"Justin has trained me not only to happily live with less, but how to live an organized lifestyle."

~ Suzanne Johnson, Senior Executive Vice President of Saks Fifth Avenue



Hide those wires and display your memories

with the O.C.D. Desk System®!

Spending thousands of dollars on a desk that does not meet your needs can be very frustrating, especially when that desk has no storage space for the mass of wires that is cluttering your life!

What makes the O.C.D. Desk System® stand out from other desks is the built-in hidden wire system and the ability to customize the surface of your desk with anything you desire.


Imagine the surface of your desk full of Instagram photos, family photos, card collections, or ticket stubs and Playbills! It's the best of both worlds, functional and fun. 

The O.C.D. Desk System® is for creative individuals who like to build, experiment, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. As the pictures show, the instructional videos walk you through the installation of the desk, step-by-step, as a connected-to-wall piece.


Although you can tweak the desk as a stand-alone piece, these instructions are meant for installation to a wall. Everything you will need is accounted for in the O.C.D. Desk System® instructions and video guides.


O.C.D. Founder & CEO Justin Klosky walks you through the installation of your new desk step-by-step in his video guides.


  • Customize the size of the desk to specifically fit your space

  • Stop hiding your memories, display them on your desk's surface

  • Built-in power center eliminates unsightly cables, cords, and wires

  • All needed supplies for desk build-out cost under $300 total

O.C.D. Desk from Organize and Create Discipline professional organizing company
Justin Klosky

"The motivation for my first O.C.D. desk came from the need to hide all of the wires that cluttered my office and desk surface. I was also tired of having shelves of collectors books full of ticket stubs and concert passes laying around that no one ever looked at.


I decided to combine my favorite memories with my need for organization. After that first O.C.D. desk, friends started to ask me to design an O.C.D. desk for them which led to the O.C.D. Desk System! I created a how-to guide and detailed step-by-step video guides to help you build your own O.C.D. desk. Now, it's all in your hands!"

~ Justin Klosky, Founder & CEO, O.C.D. Experience® and Organize & Create Discipline®

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