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Digital Organizing Quz
Justin Klosky- Digital Organizing


Answer a few questions to help us understand your digital organizing needs. 

Do you often struggle to find files on your computer or cloud storage?
Are you overwhelmed by the number of emails in your inbox?
Do you have difficulty managing your digital subscriptions?
Do you feel that your digital tools are disorganized?
Do you wish you could complete your tasks more quickly?
Do you have multiple email accounts with coutless emails unread?
Do you often find yourself doing repetitive tasks on your computer?
Do you struggle with managing your time effectively when using digital tools?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of apps and software you use?
Do you believe that your current digital tools are not fully meeting your needs?
Are you concerned about the security of your personal information online?
Have you experienced a malware attack or data breach in the past year?
Do you use the same password for multiple online accounts?
Are you unsure about the security measures to take when using digital tools?
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