What do you really carry around in your wallet?

Better yet, what do you really NEED in your wallet?

Once you answer that question, then you can decide if the O.C.D. Wallet is for you!


Everyone is looking for that Sexy, Secure & Slim wallet that won't bulk up his or her pocket or purse. With our unique design, streamlining your wallet has never been easier. The process of using the O.C.D. Wallet makes looking for your belongings effortless, saving time during transactions and easing the stress of everyday life.


Your wallet purchase comes with an exclusive Organize & Create Discipline tip card, which will direct you to a private and unique URL where you can learn how to battle the bulk and keep it from taking over your pocket. Enjoy guidance on how to deal with receipts & excessive credit cards, digitize membership cards, gift cards & business cards.




Produced by Justin Klosky, organizational expert, and Founder of the O.C.D. Experience.


O.C.D. Experience Wallet in Black

    • A money clip that can accommodate 18 bills
    • A pocket for daily receipts, a valet ticket and checks to cash
    • Enough room for 6 credit cards and 6 business cards
    • A designated ID card slot
    • Assurance tested built-in RFID lining protection, preventing your ID & credit card information being scanned or copied

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