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Is Decluttering Before or After Moving Really That Important?

Updated: Feb 11

There is a lot to rave about Los Angeles, so it’s no wonder people who move there have

a hard time ever leaving it. The sunshine, the food, the memorable ocean scent — LA is

the city of dreams for most of us!

If you are planning to stick with LA but are in need of a bigger space or to be in closer

proximity to your job, it’s time to plan out your move. With the best movers in Los

Angeles, it could be stress-free and almost effortless.

That said, there’s no avoiding the impending decluttering that comes before or after a

move. Here’s which option to pick and how each could help make this new chapter in

your life incredibly satisfying!

How Decluttering Before a Move Helps

The move itself is overwhelming enough as you have to consider how you will fit into

your new neighborhood, how to sort out your utilities, and in general, how to continue

your life in an entirely new apartment or house. The worst thing you could do to

yourself, in that case, would be to avoid decluttering before moving.

Decluttering before your upcoming move may sound like a lot of work — and you aren’t

wrong about that. However, it would be good for you because it would ensure you could

commence a new era of your life without unnecessary baggage. All the stuff you have

been collecting throughout the years may not have to come with you. In fact, there must

be something that you want to get rid of as it doesn’t spark joy anymore (and yes, Marie

Kondo could help you with that!).

Another benefit of organizing your belongings before you move is that you could save a

lot of money. The fact is, the more possessions you want to move, the higher the price

of the move itself will be. Granted, there may not be enough time to sort through all your

stuff. But you can definitely declutter things you want to replace with newer alternatives,

like dishes, certain furniture, some appliances, etc.

Declutter Now to Avoid Procrastination Later

You may promise yourself that you’ll declutter as soon as you move, but you just keep

delaying the inevitable. Adjusting to your new neighbors, new space, and everything

else that a move requires may take some time. Before you know it, you may be still

living with boxes while celebrating your moving anniversary!

Also, take into account that you are bound to keep collecting stuff even after you move.

All that stuff has to go somewhere. So, if your new home is already swimming in

clothes, books, decor, and such, your new space may quickly transform into an episode

of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive.

And let’s not forget that not every item you own now brings up great memories. If there

ever was a time to declutter everything that triggers trauma and bad experiences, it’s

now. Purge your belongings, and there’s a chance you will purge yourself of anything

unpleasant that has been holding you back!

Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Move

Finally, remember that this is a major life change, so anxiety and stress will definitely

pop their ugly heads. You don’t want to make a move more overwhelming by just

throwing things in boxes and hoping for the best.

Indeed, decluttering, in general, has a way of improving your mood and easing anxiety.

What’s more, it could make this transition a whole lot smoother as well since it relieves

stress and helps you prepare mentally to move into an entirely new space.

Why It’s So Important to Declutter After a Move Too

Spoiler alert — even when you finally move into your new apartment or house, you are

likely to declutter again. This process is crucial to making your place feel like a real

home, especially if you’re not sure if you got rid of enough stuff or you had a hard time

deciding what to bring with you.

You probably threw some stuff in a Not Sure box, as you didn’t know whether to keep or

trash them. Once you’re at your new place, you’ll have time to sift through them

carefully and decide where they should go.

If you’re moving in with your partner or just a roommate, you may also find that you

have various duplicates. Appliances and dishes are the usual culprits here, and there’s

hardly going to be room for all of them.

But it would be difficult to take inventory of the duplicates before the move — so now

you have an opportunity to do it together. Plus, you will have help regarding the decor

and general use of space. In fact, the whole household will be able to curate the home

to their liking at the same time!

Finally, know that once you see your new home, with all its gloriously bare walls and

floors, you will probably be inspired to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

This is great news, as you may not feel so pressured to keep all the stuff you

transported. It’ll be easier to get rid of items that simply do not fit your new home or your

new life. Better yet, with your home all empty and eager for some decor, you can take

things slow and ensure the end result is nothing short of satisfying!

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