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Organize & Create Discipline, after 14 years, is still leading the professional organizing business. From our brand new Digital Organization for Anyone course, virtual sessions, and endless tips we continue to specialize in full-service MOVES from beginning to end, reorganizing and rebuilding CLOSETS, complete GARAGE/ATTIC organization overhauls, STORAGE organization and inventorying, and DECLUTTERING any space in your life, we have your back.  

If you are open to making a change in your life and you are ready to invite a professional organizer into your space to accomplish that, then we will be able to guide you into creating organizational systems that will last and work!


Trust in our process, our reputation, and our proven O.C.D. (Organize & Create Discipline) systems.

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Moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce! On average, a person moves to a new location about eight times in their lifetime. That is a lot of stress and aggravation. Let the Organize & Create Discipline® team prep, coordinate, unpack, and organize your entire move. 


We are living in a digital world now and Organize & Create Discipline® is here to usher you in! Say goodbye to all of the papers cluttering your life and say hello to more space, organized files, and an easy retrieval from any of your internet connected devices.


The Ottawa Citizen reported that 80% of clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization, not a lack of space. Let the Organize & Create Discipline® team help you physically clean out your closets and organize your living spaces.

Do you struggle to keep track of all of your important belongings? If a fire, theft, or natural disaster occurred would you be able to prove ownership for the valuables in your home? Part of the O.C.D. Experience® is ensuring that all of your valuables are accounted for, documented and inventoried. 


Did you know that the Storage Facility Industry is a billion-dollar-a-year industry? Save money by optimizing your garage or storage unit for maximum organization, so you have an organized system in your life.

Does your world feel out of control? Organizing your time and taking accountability for where you spend your time isn't always simple. Let O.C.D. aid you in any area of your life; from relationship guidance, life coaching, corporate communication and team building to organizational systems and time management coaching,



O.C.D. Inventory Closet App- Wide Small.

The O.C.D. Inventory Application specializes in digitization organization.  This level of digital organization is unique to the industry.  Envisioned by Justin Klosky, founder of O.C.D Experience, the O.C.D. APP is based on O.C.D Experience systems, utilizing over a decade of industry expertise, O.C.D. Team Member solutions and proprietary digital asset management technology.


Introducing the O.C.D. Wallet with not only a money clip that can accommodate 18 bills, but also a pocket for daily receipts, a valet ticket and checks to cash. Enough room for 6 credit cards, 6 business cards and designated ID card slot, you really will use this wallet effortlessly. 


The O.C.D. Guide is an A to Z guide to an organized existence. Carefully organized into more than 300 A-to-Z categories, Organize & Create Discipline brings organization to everything from laundry to legal documents. Justin's unique advice yields peace of mind and radically improved productivity.


Hide those wires and display your memories with the O.C.D. Desk System®! What makes the O.C.D. Desk System® stand out from other desks is the built-in hidden wire system and the ability to customize the surface of your desk with anything you desire.

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