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Digital Spring Cleaning Part 2

In our last post, Digital Spring Cleaning Part 1, we started talking about how you can spread your spring cleaning to your digital world.

What better way to go bid farewell to the spring season than one more round of spring cleaning, digital style!

(Also, keep in mind that "spring cleaning" doesn't need to happen in the spring. It's a state of mind.)

Below we'll continue to dive deep into getting your digital world dialed in. So let's spring into summer and get into it!

Clean up your contacts

It's not just our own files, emails, and data that contribute to digital clutter. Sometimes that can come from other people we interact with digitally.

Take a look at who you're following on social media. Americans spend an average of 12 hours per day on social media, that's way too much time to give people whose content doesn't contribute positively to your life an open invitation to your brain.

Don't be afraid to remove someone from your digital life if their content doesn't make you feel good.

If you are really feeling guilty about this, hide their posts instead of deleting them completely.

The same goes for the contacts on your phone. Go through each contact and ask yourself when the last time you connected with that person or business was. Was it a week ago? A month? Longer? Dig a little deeper. Was it a positive interaction? Do they help you or make you feel good? If you answer these questions honestly you'll know if the contact can be deleted

Review recurring payments and apple subscriptions

It's so easy to forget about recurring payments or subscriptions and they can add up quickly without you noticing it's happening.

$11.99 for Hulu isn't too bad but when you add to that $12.99 for Netflix, $12.99 for Amazon, and $12.99 for Disney+ that's already over $600 a year. And that's only streaming services. There are also subscriptions to non-streaming apps, monthly subscription boxes, memberships, services, and the list goes on.

U.S. Household Bill Pay Market Size: $2.75 Trillion Spent by American Consumers Each Year on Recurring Bills (Source: Buisness Wire)

You can always do the leg work and find these recurring payments on your own, some banks even offer the ability to view recurring payments but if you're looking to make this process a bit easier we recommend the following services that will show you what your recurring subscriptions are we recommended:

Delete Unused Apps

Studies show that the average phone user has more than 80 apps on their phone. However, most people only use around 30 of those apps at all and less than 10 on a daily basis. That's basically turning your phone into a storage unit for apps.

Quick! Without looking, how many apps do you think you have on your phone? The answer may surprise you.

Now let's fact-check your app usage and more importantly your app storage.

In your phone's settings menu, go to the section on storage. There you will find the apps that are taking up the most space and the ones you haven't used in a while.

Go through your apps one by one and free yourself up some valuable storage space on your phone.

If you need help organizing your digital world, we're here for you!

Click HERE to get started


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