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Take Digital Security Into Your Own Hands

Updated: Jan 5

One of the most prominent password storage platforms, LastPass, was recently hacked.

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Luckily, for me and anyone else storing their passwords and data with them, LastPass uses what they call a

"Zero Knowledge Model"

This essentially means that no one has access to your master password or the data stored in your vault, except you. Not even LastPass.

However! It certainly made me think about digital security and organization in terms of the habits we can all adopt and maintain to stay on top of our increasingly digital world.

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To take a piece of digital security into your own hands, I recommend changing your passwords every year. Set a reminder and stick to it.

That small task is easy to accomplish and doesn't require too much work. This is true of a lot of aspects of digital organization, but that doesn't mean those tasks always land high on our to-do lists. In fact, most times they wind up on the back burner.

There's so much that we all can be doing to keep our digital lives organized and working for us instead of the opposite. Our team is available and ready to help with any of your digital organization needs. Click HERE to book today!

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