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Digital organizing has been on the uprising for the last 10 years but hasn't truly become popular until we all went into lockdown and had to face our digital lives head-on. 

We at O.C.D. will help you understand what a digital asset is, how simple it is to keep track of them, and why you should want to keep them organized, accessible, and backed up. We will demystify what can be transferred from your physical space to your digital life to make your life more effortless with personal, work, and travel. Assess ways you can improve your current digital organization practices to allow for a simplified, stress-free daily work life.

How many email addresses do you have? Do you know which email address your contacts are pulling from? Let's apply organizational techniques in your email inbox and contacts database to reduce email clutter, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and make your inbox work for you.


How are your folders in your digital world organized? Creating an organized, labeled, backed up system for your digital documents, digital photos, and digital life that allows for easy retrieval of digital assets is necessary for this day and age.

Are you using a digital calendar system, if so what email address is it associated with? We will help you implement a calendar system that sticks for you and your family so you're always on time, accountable, and know where your appointments are coming from.

Understand how all of your digital assets interact with each other and how to keep an organized digital life for life.

These are just the basics and the beginning of your digital organization journey. There is a whole world to understand and we will get you confident in the basics so you can thrive as technology advances.


Regardless of whom you work with, we love helping our clients understand this space and how they can become organized in it. Organize & Create Discipline, your digital life today!

  • Assess your current filing system starting with your desktop (tangible and digital) and help you create a digital solution from your past paper life, even helping you decide what tangible paperwork you need and what can be digitized down the line. 

  • Create an organized system for your digital documents and digital life that is also backed up to support efficient findings, retrieval of file/document communication. This will ease your daily life and operation, especially with the right labeling.

  • Organize your email inbox the O.C.D. way; say goodbye to those thousands and thousands of unread emails and get better visibility of your high profile communications, by changing a few habits, narrowing down to one contact system and minimal email address, is just the start. Wait till you have 6 emails in your inbox, and knowing that's all you have to do.

  • Consolidate your calendar to keep you on time and organized for travel, business and personal life. Know where your digital appointments are coming from, what calenders you want on your devices and how you want to use them for yourself and your family.

  • Label photos, video memorabilia, artwork, and collectibles for future generations to share in and enjoy. There are many digital storage devices and apps that can easily confuse and frustrate you. Let O.C.D. create a digital world perfectly suited to your unique needs to back up and retrieve your personal documents and VIP info that you still want digital.

Digital clutter, just like physical clutter, can have a massive impact on your daily life causing stress & anxiety.


Our online course "Digital Organization for Anyone" is the perfect starting place to get your digital life in order.


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