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The O.C.D. Experience curated moving process

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your life BUT it doesn't have to be! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the Organize & Create Discipline® team. 

What sets us apart from other companies? Our team will:

Person Moving
  • Be there for you from the walkthrough until the last box is unpacked.

  • Help you assess what moving materials you need.

  • Handle communication with your moving company 

  • Assist you with decluttering unneeded items so you're not bringing them into your new home

  • Take care of items you would like to donate or remove from your home before your move

Moving Box & Garbage Can
  • Negotiate with moving companies on your behalf to ensure a competitive quote

  • Be completely transparent with our pricing upfront. No last-minute charges or invoice surprises

  • Treat your home as if it were our own. Showing great care for your belongings and space.

  • Organize your belongings so everything is already where it should be when you unpac


  • Pack your belongings with greater care than any mover would 


  • Create a comprehensive, itemized packing list as detailed as you'd like

Moving Box
  • Supervise movers so no box gets left behind


  • Guide movers to place boxes, furniture, & decor where everything belongs

Moving Company
  • Unpack and organize your new location, so you feel at home the first time you open your door.

Counting Boxes

Organized & Ready to Go!

We organize your items while packing. That way when it's time to unpack, everything is already where it needs to be

Janice Douma Lange O.C.D. Experience Client Testimonial

"Moving is stressful whether it is across town or across the country, so when I had to do this formidable task by myself this past June, O.C.D. Experience was recommended to me to provide organizational and moving support. I didn't know what that meant.. but trusted my reference and after an initial call and visit from Justin Klosky, founder and CEO of this company, felt I was in good hands. That turned out to be an understatement. Justin's OCD team took compete control, making sure they walked through my home to understand what I was keeping or selling, how I had my rooms set up, what needed special care, as well as coordinating with the Movers to make sure boxes and packing materials were delivered on time. A team of 2 were assigned to me and showed up on time for 2 days of organizing and packing, making me feel as comfortable as possible, then supported on the Move date making sure all the pieces and boxes went to correct places, and finally unpacking and completely setting up the new house over the last 2 days. They were professional yet caring, so on top of every piece and part that I actually didn't feel the stress of the move only relief for having this kind of support. I would obviously recommend O.C.D. Experience and would use them again myself in the future."


Dog in a Moving Box
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