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Founded in 2008, the O.C.D. Experience was developed to aid people in finding clarity in their lives through simple organizational practices and disciplines.

He had a vision… and some very helpful friends who believed in him. Jordan Roth helped him build his business model, while other smart and influential friends continued to lend him their creative expertise, legal know-how, and business skill. Another close friend, Alexander Nilsson Lorenz of New Creative Group, designed the O.C.D. Experience logo after staying with Klosky for a month in Los Angeles. It was the best gift anyone ever gave him. This was truly the beginning. Klosky's first influential client and biggest supporter of the O.C.D. Experience were Bryce Dallas Howard and husband Seth Gabel. Shortly after, other Hollywood celebrities joined the O.C.D. Experience family. Klosky completely deconstructed and reorganized their lives. He set up systems to help control the disorder that comes with the stressful nature of having a family and navigating the entertainment industry.

Klosky could never have imagined how quickly the O.C.D. Experience would grow, and it wasn't long before the O.C.D. Experience was even bi-coastal. When his cousin, Andrea Saper, back in New York heard he had started O.C.D., she demanded his services and helped spread the word. He began working with Fortune 500 companies and very influential New Yorkers. He was an organizational jetsetter, trotting back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. It was hectic but rewarding. And the opportunities kept coming: Oprah Winfrey's organizer Peter Walsh offered him a job. Klosky helped Walsh and his team and was also part of his television show Enough Already on OWN.

After working with Walsh, Klosky continued to build out different divisions of the O.C.D. Experience such as O.C.D. PR and O.C.D. Staffing. As O.C.D. grew, so did Klosky. He is currently working with Saks Fifth Avenue and the Container Store, developing strategic partnerships and product services.

Four years later the O.C.D. Experience is growing into a recognized national brand. It has taken on organizational consultants throughout the country, while building a solid reputation.

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